How to Make Clothing Designs that Sell online?

Lots of people want to design clothes and are inspired by it. There have been a lot of new fashion startups that would want to work with those inspirations and creativity. These fashion websites may not be really old and well recognized as the other famous brands but it allows you the chance to design your own outfits.

  1. Design and sell fashion online

Garmz’s aim is to activate the inspiration and creativity for fashion. It is a unique kind of business model where people upload their designs and the community votes for the best design. Once the community votes the best designed clothing gets put of Garmz online store where people can purchase it. The money earned from those sales go directly to the designer.

Fabricly is another designer that can assist you with starting your own fashion line. You can easily email them your sketches and designs. Once the fabricly team evaluates and approves your design they select you if you have impressed them so that they can promote you. Fabricly takes care of everything and shares the profits with the designers.

These two businesses have been growing by attracting designers and showcasing their designs. They provide the fashion industry with the latest designs by showing them the talent of the new designers. As they attract more individuals that provide them with unique designs they increase the fashion industry.

  1. Design and Inspire

Polyvore is the largest platform where new individuals who take an interest in fashion are discovered and their work and creativity is showcased all over the world. Polyvore is a platform that inspires people to create unique designs, follow other designers, as well as learning and gaining inspiration from other users. The website also holds contests that cause designers to compete for their designers.

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  1. Design and Buy

Fashionplaytes is a website where girls can design their own clothing. Shoppers use a sketchbook where they can select their cloth type, the color, size and accessories. This platform allows young girls to showcase their designs and creativity and once they have completed their designs they can put up a price for them and put it on sale.

Blank-label is another platform where men can design their own shirts by selecting the fabric, color and pattern that they like the most. As the selection is made a graphical visual becomes visible where you can see your design.

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